You know when people come into your life and truly make an unforgettable impact? This is Katy for us. I’ve always known I wanted a doula to be part of my pregnancy and birth journey and I was referred to Katy by a trusted friend.  From first contact I instantly felt comfortable and supported. I had spoken to a few other doulas to get a feel for who I clicked with most, and what stood out to me about Katy was her calm presence, reliable communication and genuine encouragement. I felt like I was talking with an old friend. Katy not only provided prenatal childbirth education and breastfeeding classes, she helped me navigate a stressful situation regarding changing providers at 20 weeks. She took the time to talk with me and hear me out, and also encouraged me to trust my intuition as a first time mom.
Katy was present and supportive from my first sign of labor and helped my husband and I navigate the next 36 hours of labor. Katy empowered me to navigate an unmedicated physiological birth, ensuring my birth plan was honored and the sacredness of the moment preserved. Her assurance and guidance kept me grounded in truly one of the most uncharted experiences of my life.
What truly warmed my heart, was when my husband, who was very skeptical about hiring a doula, expressed his sincere gratitude and thankfulness that she was there. He shared that he couldn’t imagine how that would have been without her. Like she was always meant to be part of our birth team.
I felt safe, supported and confident not only during labor and delivery, but also coming home those first few days. Katy’s  cheat sheets were a lifesaver and so helpful for finding our rhythm in the blur of the newborn phase.  The greatest gift of all was Katy so graciously capturing pictures from labor and delivery. I cherish these pictures with all my heart and can never express how thankful I am she was part of this experience. Can’t wait to have her join us for our next one!
-Amy + Brandon (Birth Clients)

I cannot imagine going through the birth/newborn experience without Katy.  As a certified “baby dummy” I knew that I wanted a Doula to help me welcome my first child into the world.  My husband and I hired Katy primarily for labor/delivery services, thinking that the included post-partum/lactation support was a nice add-on that we would probably use minimally. Fast-forward a few months and not only did Katy provide the exact support we needed for labor/delivery she was an absolute LIFESAVER for the post-partum journey.  As a first-time mom, I was not prepared for how difficult those first few weeks can be and on top of that our son had some early weight-gain issues that required big decisions around formula, breastfeeding, and pumping.  Katy was my angel during that time making herself available for constant calls and texts and providing incredible individual support.  Katy works very hard to provide a balanced perspective between the medical and the emotional and I was so appreciative of the care she took to understand MY needs as well as my sons.  Any mom (first-time or not) would be lucky to have someone like Katy in their corner.

Oh- and I confer with her cheat sheets at least once a day.  Her tips and tricks are absolute GOLD when it comes to figuring out how to keep a tiny human happy and healthy.

-Jillian (Birth Client + Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support)


From our first meeting to the final postpartum visit, Katy was integral to creating an empowered, informed and safe birthing experience. In the prenatal visits she offered an abundance of tools and resources to educate and inform us on how to ask for, and get, the birth we wanted. At the hospital she was patient, focused and so intuitive as to what I needed and when, but also prioritized my husband’s role in the birth. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to have the natural birth I wanted without Katy by my side. Her expert skills and knowledge coupled with her generous and kind demeanor are a rare find! Ultimately, she gave us the most powerful tool of all: agency. She helped me feel prepared, strong and capable, and I had the most beautiful birth story because of her.

I don’t know what I would have done without Katy during postpartum. It was like having someone give us a one-on-one masterclass on how to care for a newborn after getting home from the hospital — and in a way that we still felt hands on and that everything was manageable and going be ok. That’s the best feeling you can have when you enter into something so new, that feels so fragile. I had a C-section and needed some extra support around how to breastfeed, care for myself, and rest. Katy took over whenever she felt it was needed, no questions or hesitation. She also let us be really hands on. She anticipated our needs. After 14 years doing what she does, it felt like there was nothing she hasn’t seen. We joked together, laughed together, cried together, and strategized together on how to achieve my ideal postpartum journey. I asked her to keep it real with me, and she did. Every day my husband and would say “best money ever spent”. And it’s true. It’s an investment but it’s worth it to have rest, feel supported, empowered, and as I said before, that everything is okay. We love katy!

-Jhoanna (Postpartum Client + Lactation Support)

Words will never be able express our gratitude for Katy. Not only did Katy educate and prepare me and my husband for labor and child birth, she held space for us to explore and execute the type of experience we wanted and offered calming and safe space for us going through labor and delivery for the first time. She guided us where we were seeking it, held space for us when we needed it, and left me and husband to be in all of right and perfect moments. Katy encouraged me and helped me to have the confidence in my body especially in times when I didn’t have it in myself. I never even dreamed I was capable of having an unmedicated birth but with Katy’s help, my husband and I were able to have a birth experience we never dreamed possible. Katy also immensely helped us navigate the first few weeks of parenthood, answering all questions and providing valuable expertise with our newborn and breastfeeding. Everyone deserves to have a Katy to help them navigate and achieve the birth they want!

-Leann (Birth Client + Breastfeeding Support)

The greatest gift I gave to myself, my newborn and my family was hiring Katy to support us when my daughter was born.  Katy is the ultimate postpartum doula -- her experience, expertise, calming presence, trustworthiness, organization, reliability, and professionalism are unmatched.  I attribute all that went right for those first few weeks when my daughter was born to Katy's magic touch.  She has the most useful tips, tried and true product recommendations, warm demeanor, easy going attitude and supportive ear. Unlike our doula-less experience for our first born, Katy made all the difference in making me feel completely at ease, knowing my daughter was in excellent hands and I was getting much needed rest.  She somehow got my daughter to gently sleep through the night at 8 weeks, made sure my breastfeeding journey was going smoothly, gave us all of her guides and schedules and truly set us up for success for when the inevitable (and horrible!) day came when her time with us came to end.  She's such a treasure of a person, I still keep in touch with her to this day and know that she's always there to help and lend her expertise.  Stop wondering if you should hire a doula and book Katy ASAP!

-Jillian (Postpartum Client)

 The moment we met Katy, my husband and I felt overwhelming peace with her supporting the birth of our first child. We were on the fence about having a doula attend our homebirth and didn't decide until late in my pregnancy. From our initial contact with her, Katy was absolutely amazing. She exudes the kindest energy, is compassionate and supportive, flexible, and extremely experienced and knowledgeable. Our daughter decided to make her earthside debut a little earlier than we expected, and Katy made two trips to our house in less than 24 hours as my water broke the same day we had our first prenatal appointment! Katy was a rock throughout our birthing journey. Her calm demeanor, confidence and intuitive support were invaluable. We felt reassured by her presence and support throughout labor and delivery, and looking back, we can't imagine this experience without her. We can't recommend Katy highly enough- she is the best! 

-Ali & Brandon (Birth Clients)

I remember reaching out to Katy when I was trying to breastfeed and feeling like it was never going to happen. This was something that I had always envisioned for myself as a mom and she gave me hope, guidance and encouragement to make it through the hard times and into a beautiful and successful nursing relationship. In one session with Katy I went from feeling like a cow being milked and attached to a pump, to a mom feeding her newborn baby. I appreciated her help more than she can know and am so thankful that she was in our lives to allow us to come through to the other side and build a mother daughter bond that can never be replaced. Fast-forward to sleep training…she was so generous in giving us another routine out of the kindness of your heart. We went from waking up almost every hour for an entire hour each night to having an amazing sleeper who allowed mom to also sleep through the night. We are so thankful for all of the knowledge and confidence she has given us as new parents.

-Christina (Breastfeeding + Sleep Support)

Katy is a highly qualified doula, of course, but she’s also a baby whisperer, caring and patient human, and a cheerleader for new moms and dads. I would recommend Katy in a heartbeat. She brought calm and confidence to our first few weeks as parents (and let us sleep through the night!), and also provided steady support from afar, offering tips, tricks and encouragement throughout the day. Katy taught us things we still rely on today, with an 8-month old. We are so thankful for everything she helped us with as we became a family of 3.

-Ali (Postpartum Client)

Katy truly introduced me to motherhood as my postpartum doula after my first daughter was born. I don’t know how I would have survived those first few weeks without her guidance, support, and skill set. Katy has a remarkable gift and I will forever be grateful to her.

-Bramli (Postpartum Client)

"Katy" must be Greek for "GOD-SEND" because that's exactly who and what she is!! For my first pregnancy, we were planning to birth in a hospital. We had heard that having a doula was great, but we didn't really know how to get started in our search. Fortuitously, my co-worker's wife had just given birth and could not recommend Katy highly enough. We met with her, and knew working with Katy would be well worth the investment. Katy was always open-minded and never judgemental towards our wishes. However, after educating ourselves with the plethora of resources she recommended, we very quickly went from "Probably want to have a natural (unmedicated) birth," to "DEFINITELY want to have a natural birth!" Katy guided us through best practices to do so in a hospital setting, and was always a text or phone call away to put our minds and hearts at ease when we had questions or push-back from any traditional hospital doctors, who maybe weren't hip to the latest in Evidence Based Care. She empowered me (and my husband!) to make it through 51 hours of labor, and give birth naturally to the most beautiful, strong, healthy boy - with no tearing!! She took pictures of those incredible first moments when we became parents, from over my shoulder... Photos we will treasure forever.

If all that weren't enough, Katy is the reason we got SLEEP as new parents!! While all of my other new parent friends were miserable, never sleeping, Katy is a certified lactation specialist and sleep consultant, and taught us from the very beginning how to establish a rhythm and schedule, which supported our baby's well-being AND our own! Our son is 5 now, and still a very good sleeper. (She also guided me through the beginning of breastfeeding and how to manage my initial overflow of milk!) I can't say enough good things about Katy. I am getting ready to have my second child at a birth center, and of course asking Katy to be with us was a no brainer. She's more than a doula, she's family.

-Allison (Birth Client + Breastfeeding & Sleep Support)

Katy is not only an amazing doula, she’s now a trusted friend. We hired Katy early on in our first pregnancy. When late in my pregnancy my OBGYN retired and we had nowhere to go, Katy asked me a question I never considered before, “have you ever thought about using a midwife?” This had never crossed my mind, let alone possibly having a homebirth! But with Katy’s guidance we chose a fabulous midwife. In the weeks leading up to the birth, Katy helped me prepare by teaching my spouse and I exercises that would help with baby positioning and alleviating some of the pain during childbirth. She also provided information about dietary choices that would keep me and baby healthy throughout my pregnancy. When the day came for me to give birth to our first child, Katy was a blessing from God! Before the midwife even arrived, she was there encouraging us and giving the direction that we so desperately needed. When active labor began, I felt like she was constantly by my side. She gave back massages to relieve pain, while offering suggestions for how I could best labor at every moment. I felt connected to her, and she knew what I needed. Besides this monumental task, I felt like she split herself in half assisting the midwives, my husband, and keeping the house in working order…She was everywhere we needed her to be. When the baby arrived, she rejoiced with us just like a family member would. My first baby had trouble breast-feeding and she was there in the weeks to come helping me and my son learn to nurse. 2 years later, when we found out we were pregnant for a second time, Katy was the first person we called! The second labor and delivery went just as good as the first; and I am convinced it is Katy’s efforts before and after that made my labors smooth, quick, and positive. I would not only recommend Katy to any expectant mom, I would insist that she be used! Her encouraging, professional and friendly demeanor coupled with extensive knowledge makes her an easy choice for anyone seeking a doula or lactation consultant.

-Noel (2-Time Birth Client + Breastfeeding Support)

Katy is a great doula in so many ways. She has a calm sweet spirit that is balanced out by a professional and protective nature when needed for advocating with medical professionals. She has proven to be a valuable resource pre and post labor for both me and my husband! Like many other’s experiences, our birth plan started off with wrenches thrown in it, but Katy knew the right thing to say every time, even down to the suggested exercises at critical moments of labor. I cannot stress enough what a huge difference it made for me at the height of transition. Being a first-time mom and having a unique pregnancy/labor experience was jarring, but having her poised experience supervising our experience allowed us to be present in the moment and have special memories. I took a while to choose my doula team. I’m so glad I didn’t settle! I highly and strongly recommend!

-Michele (Birth + Breastfeeding Support)

We will never be able to fully express or capture how much Katy means to our family! Thank you for all the curb walks, words of encouragement, foot massages, and hip squeezes. For staying by my side for the longest night and day of my life and helping me find the strength to do it on my own. Thank you for being with us in those foggy early days of life with a newborn. You gave us the best start by teaching me how to nourish our son. Thank you for the swaddle tutorials, sleep wisdom, being so available, quick and gracious in sharing your hard earned knowledge and wisdom. You’re the first person we think of to go to when something comes up with our River that we’re not sure how to handle. 

-Erica (Birth Client, Postpartum + Breastfeeding Support)

Katy! I love you! You are such a special blessing to my family and basically an entire community of families, who got to ease into labors, births, and parenthood a little smoother thanks to you. Thank you for having confidence in mothers and inspiring us to have confidence in ourselves and our bodies—I owe my passion for birth directly to you. Thank you for being a reliable resource and a loving friend through so many challenges, from breastfeeding and sleep to postpartum emotions and struggles. Thank you for serving and supporting and educating in so many ways. You are an inspiration and I’m so glad I know you! 

-Spencer (2-time Birth Client + Breastfeeding Support)

I am so so thankful for all Katy’s help during my pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. I could not have managed and had such a good experience with my homebirth if it wasn’t for her. I remember thinking during each wave that she knew exactly what to do, and it was amazing to experience and feel. Every mama who has Katy beside her is blessed. She knows so much. She is patient and calm, so willing to help and she cares so deeply. I am so thankful for all your support. If I every have another baby, I would be honored if she would be willing to be beside me again.

-Esther (Birth Client + Breastfeeding Support)

Katy the Great
There is a doula named Katy the Great,
Who gets hired by moms who cannot wait.
She encourages, swaddles, and snuggles all day, 
And no matter the time, her moms beg her to stay.
Her tips and advice exceed all the rest, 
Because she is truly the best of the best.

-Natalie (3-time Postpartum, Breastfeeding + Sleep Support)

Katy has played an integral role along my motherhood journey, and I can not adequately express my gratitude. I’ll never forget when I was 8-months pregnant with my first and she came over to our house. No one had told us any of the things you taught us up until that point. All credit goes to her for how well my 4 babies have nursed, slept, and for just overall how happy they are. You’d think with kids 2-4 I would remember all the things, but nope, I ran to Katy time and time again. She has loved my kids like they are her own. When I experienced postpartum depression, our walks and stroller talks were medicine for my soul. When new moms are clueless and it’s all new territory, she is there to offer support, encouragement, and rest. And then she does it all over again. She has been given a unique gift and I appreciate her more than she will ever know. 

-Bailey (4-time Birth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding + Sleep Support)

I am not sure I even have the right words to express my appreciation and gratitude. Katy provided an insane amount of love, effort, support, and safety to myself, my husband and baby. Her amazing input went beyond pregnancy and labor. I would have been lost without her those first few months. She walked me through pumping and nursing during and after a NICU stay. I’m not sure if she even realizes how important she was to us. All her help and information has been absolutely life changing for me. I continue to use it and I come back to her for all things “mom” and “baby”. Thank you, Katy for being such a constant help and support. 

-Kendrika (Birth Client, Postpartum + Breastfeeding Support) 

Where do I even begin? We’ve been blessed to have Katy by our side for several births. Her guidance, support, and knowledge was the key to me being capable of pulling off 3 natural births after a rather rough first birth – and feeling so proud of myself, like never before. Her words and presence gave me strength. I felt like a freaking rockstar, thanks to her. She gave me my little invisible cape! 

Our 3rd baby was her first (accidental) catch after a very fast labor, but it was the easiest of my 4 births. I was able to push my baby boy out calmly into her hands and ignore the room full of paramedics and fireman behind me! She told me I was capable, and safe, and to trust my body. I was able to feel safe and secure, because of her and my husband, even without the hospital staff there. Having her catch our sweet boy was amazing! 

Her support during my births was vital and such an immense part of what I feel were the times in my life I’ve been the strongest. We love Katy VERY much and the beautiful work that she does!

From my Husband: You know how you watch old sitcoms and the husband is often portrayed as a dingy and inept parent? Well I felt that. I felt clueless at times and Katy’s presence made me feel empowered. There were so many things to think of and I learned the confidence to be a new parent. Katy made me feel included. She helped me understand what my wife was experiencing. She helped me to be in the moment and that is invaluable. She is forever a part of our family’s story.

-London and Anthony (4-time Birth Clients)

I still remember the immense relief I felt when Katy kindly accepted our request to be our doula. During my pregnancy she was so supportive and responsive to all our concerned, confused, excited texts filled with questions and updates.

I will always remember those 41 hours that brought us into parenthood with her as our guide. Through every phase, every contraction, she was blessing us with encouragement, advice, and sometimes simply silent support. She got me bone broth to sip. She guided my husband in applying pressure where I needed it and how to hold my hands during contractions. She dabbed my head with a washcloth. Gave me a comb to squeeze. She was the one who advocated for me when, after 5 hours of pushing, she recognized that something wasn’t quite right.

And when we realized my baby’s head was asynclitic and I had a cervical lip, but my contractions were too intense and frequent, and my body too tired to use spinning babies, she supported our decision to transfer to the hospital for an epidural. She got that baby into the right position (God bless “shaking the apples”). She prayed with us, counseled us through every decision, validated our wishes. She told me I could do it, that second round of pushing, when I really didn’t think I could. She saved us from a c-section. She helped us bring our sweet boy to the outside world. 

Her kindness didn’t stop there. She tidied up our house, made meals and green juice, helped us with our breastfeeding. She was a humble, hospitable, peaceful presence in our home as we recovered. I still cry thinking about it all. God truly blessed us and I will never be able to say thank you enough.  I can’t even imagine the impact you’ve had on all the families you’ve served. 

-Gabriella (Birth Client, Postpartum + Breastfeeding Support)

Dearest, sweetest, most amazing, baby whisperer, miracle-working, best-doula-there-ever-was…Katy. You know how people say: “there are no words to describe how much you mean to me”? Well… I’m sitting here thinking, I literally have SO MANY WORDS about how thankful I am for her. SO MANY WAYS I think she is amazing. I texted her after each of my 3 pregnancy tests to book her asap. From the prenatal visits and the time and effort it took to train us for each labor/delivery, to the wisdom and comfort she gave my husband so he could be my support and advocate, to her amazing support during the actual labor and delivery, and then the check-ins afterward, her endless availability to help coach me through nursing and answer all my questions about every little thing, and the sleep help… It’s too much to capture! She is so invested. She loves on all of her mamas in such a deep way. I feel like there’s a certain connection that we all have to her that we can’t really even describe.

I remember that paralyzing moment during my first birth when I realized I was going to have a C-section. I looked right at Katy, and she understood. I knew in that moment that she felt it all, right there alongside me. I was crushed. I felt defeated, angry, hurt, confused, helpless… and she held my hand and smiled at me and reminded me that I had worked so hard for my baby and that I would get to hold her soon. I remember the sound of her voice in that moment. Somehow her saying it was ok, made it actually ok. I remember her looking at me with such compassion and love that she somehow picked me up and helped me keep going. I’ll never forget it. She came back the next day. We processed. We cried. We were filled with frustration (that’s an understatement) at the system, the nurses, the way at all went down. You helped me heal, Katy. You were there in that most painful moment. And I don’t know if I could have done it without you there.

When I had my next baby, she was there for it all. She helped prepare my body again, and poured into my heart as well. She knew the anxiety and fear I had inside in a way that other people could not understand. When I passed my guess date, she took me on a walk at the park. I’ll never forget because that, because she knew what my heart needed. We rejoiced together when soon after my body progressed on its own, in my own bedroom, without the noise and intervention of strangers. She rubbed my back and my legs, walked me in and out of the shower, dried me off, and applied counter pressure like a beast. Her voice was steady and encouraging. I know she was so tired, but she stayed with me all night. And we both cried when she came out. What a moment of joy! What a sweet, vulnerable, euphoric moment this redemptive birth was! I couldn’t have done it without her.

When my 3rd pregnancy came along, she was there for it all as well. She reminded me over and over of the truth that not only could my body do it, but it DID do it already! When my water broke early and we waited for labor to actually start, she cleaned my whole house, washed and folded all my baby clothes, and set everything up for the home birth. She drove me to my chiropractic visit while I leaked amniotic fluid outside the locked building, and we laughed for what felt like an hour before we somehow got into the building. When the labor came on quickly on our drive back home, she was ready for it all. She comforted me through the quick progression, and called my midwives at the perfect time – she was what I needed in every way. Afterward, while the midwife skillfully handled my hemorrage, she helped me to just focus on my sweet baby boy the whole time, until all was well.

There’s so much more than even what I am writing down now. Katy, I see how much you pour into each of your mamas. I see your heart in each labor story. I have seen you mourn, cry, and scream in anger over labors where mamas did not get the care they needed in their most vulnerable times because of the system. I have seen that wear on you. It is a heavy burden you carry. You fight for mamas in a way that most people can’t. You are right there with us in those vulnerable moments, and it’s vulnerable for you too. You have been there for our most painful, hardest moments, and for the sweetest most joyous moments as well.

 You are amazing. You are SUCH a gift, as a doula, as an advocate, as a friend. 

-Raya (3-time Birth Client + Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep Support)

Almost three years ago, we found out we were expecting and I had so many questions, things ranging from homebirth, to vaccinations, to random questions. Back then, Katy took the time to speak with me over the phone and I remember coming away from that conversation thinking, “Katy is an AMAZING resource and person. I’m so glad to know her”. Fast forward to now and you’ve helped us so many times and in countless ways. Our kids sleep so well now and it’s because you took the time to counsel me. We are so, so, SO grateful to you and for you. 

-The Lin Family (Pregnancy and Sleep Counsel for Out-of-State Clients)

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