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I believe that birth is a natural process and that pregnancy, in itself, is not a medical condition. I believe that healthy, low-risk moms (the majority of pregnant mamas) should be treated as just that, and that if your pregnancy does become higher risk, you still deserve to have the best birth possible for yourself and your baby. I believe birth should be managed diligently, and not fearfully, and that is very important to have strong "birth principles" for the birth YOU desire, being open, willing, and educated to make the best decisions for whatever path your birth may need to take. I believe that knowledge is such power in the birthing process, and I really encourage my clients and their partners to soak in as much knowledge as they can. I believe every woman deserves true informed consent and that she has the right to birth how and where she chooses. I have done births in homes, hospitals, and birthing centers. I have had clients who want natural births and others who desire pain medication, and I fully support the desires of each and every one. My goal is to educate my clients so that they fully understand the possible pros and cons of every decision and intervention. 

In terms of qualifications, I can confidently say that I have far exceeded what is required for basic birth doula training, seeking additional classes in Spinning Babies, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, Christian Hypnobirthing, Bradley Method, VBAC Prep, and Peanut Ball Training. I am always learning from resources like Evidence-Based Birth, Birth by the Numbers, VBAC Facts, VBAC Link, PainFree Birth, Mamaste, Body Ready Method, Built to Birth, ACOG’s latest Practice Bulletins, etc. I consider myself a birth junkie – always reading and listening so that I can better help my clients receive the most up-to-date, evidence-based care. 

I pride myself in working alongside and in support of dads/partners.  I am not there to take their place, but instead to support the entire family. I truly believe a good doula will help dads/partners be even more involved. It is my joy to be a part of this process, supporting my clients emotionally, physically, and educationally - with encouragement, information, and guidance, protecting the sacredness of the birth experience.

As part of my birth doula services, I also offer private, in-home birth classes for non-doula clients. (See the link below to inquire about my rate and availability.)

My Birth Doula fee includes...

(2) Prenatal Visits/Birth Classes

These visits are in your home and are usually between 1.5-2.5 hours each. We will go over, in-depth, the Basics of Birth, the Anatomy of Birth, the Physical and Emotional Road Map of Labor, Needs of a Laboring Woman, Tips for Physiologic Birth, The Hormones of Labor, Pushing, Coping Options (Medical and Non-Medical), Tips for In-Hospital or Out of Hospital Births, Considering Where & Who you Birth with, Relaxation Practices, Birth Plans, Nutrition/Exercise/Smart Stretching for Pregnancy and Birth Prep, etc. The first visit is more learning through information, pictures, and conversational teaching, and the second is a lot more hands-on (laboring positions, breathing exercises, relaxation and comfort techniques, etc.) 

Assistance in Formulating Your Birth Plan

In our first meeting, I will go over birth plan basics to consider and leave you samples and resources to formulate your own. Between our two prenatal visits, I ask clients to begin formulating their own plan, and I am available to guide them in any way they need. By visit two we try to have the birth plan finalized.

The Birth

I will be with you for the birth, typically joining you once things are starting to pick up (when labor can no longer be “ignored”) and through to the first 2-3 hours postpartum.

Postpartum Follow-up

We will have a follow-up visit, approximately 1.5-2 hours in length, to process the birth, see how recovery for mom is going, and, if mom is nursing, to offer breastfeeding support (I am also a CLC - Certified Lactation Counselor).

To inquire about my current Birth Doula Rate, or Rate for Private Birth Classes, & Availability, click here

As Your Birth Doula I Will:

  • provide comfort such as massage, positioning, relaxation practices, heat & cold, & more
  • provide peanut ball(s), rebozo, and (if needed) Spinning Babies techniques for fetal mal-position and for progression of labor 
  • facilitate communication
  • share information
  • encourage informed consent
  • complement practitioner's roles and functions as a non-medical part of your team
  • provide flexible support throughout different scenarios 
  • encourage and provide gentle support and guidance to dad/partner throughout labor, birth, and early postpartum
  • encourage fluids & nutrition
  • help you determine pre-labor, labor, early or active labor and when to go to the hospital or birth center 
  • help you have a successful un-medicated, medicated, vaginal, or cesarean birth
  • help you have a happy & safe birth in the atmosphere you want
  • help you navigate with the unexpected
  • help you have the information you need, the courage to ask questions, and the knowledge to make your own choices
  • help you formulate a birth plan based on your birth principles
  • provide unlimited phone and text support throughout pregnancy & 6-weeks postpartum
  • be on call 24/7, 2 weeks before and after your EDD
  • come for a postpartum visit with Lactation/Feeding assessment

As Your Birth Doula I Will Not:

  • perform clinical exams such as fetal heart tones or cervical exams
  • judge choices or push a personal agenda
  • attempt to replace partner or family
  • suggest you put you or your baby’s safety at risk

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