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Hi, I’m Katy. I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. I also do consulting to help families find a rhythm with their newborns and to work on improving sleep for older babies. In the work I do, I am with families at such special, intimate, and vulnerable times in their lives. It is never lost on me just how blessed I am to be a help during these precious times, and how important it is to give the best of myself to each and every family I have the honor of serving.

— Katy

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“The greatest gift I gave to myself, my newborn and my family was hiring Katy to support us when my daughter was born.”

“Katy guided us where we were seeking it, held space for us when we needed it, and left me and husband to be in all of right and perfect moments.”

“Katy gave us the best start by teaching me how to nourish our son.”

“I never even dreamed I was capable of having an unmedicated birth but with Katy’s help, my husband and I were able to have a birth experience we never dreamed possible.”

“Katy always made me feel included. She helped me understand what my wife was experiencing. She helped me to be in the moment and that is invaluable. She is forever a part of our family’s story.”

“Katy has the most useful tips, tried and true product recommendations, warm demeanor, easy going attitude and supportive ear.”

“Katy was a humble, hospitable, peaceful presence in our home as we recovered. I still cry thinking about it all.”

“Katy is so invested. She loves on all of her mamas in such a deep way. I feel like there’s a certain connection that we all have to her that we can’t really even describe.”

“Katy was absolutely amazing. She exudes the kindest energy, is compassionate and supportive, flexible, and extremely experienced and knowledgeable.”

“Katy was a rock throughout our birthing journey. Her calm demeanor, confidence, and intuitive support were invaluable.”

“The moment we met Katy, my husband and I felt overwhelming peace with her supporting the birth of our first child.”

“Katy held my hand and smiled at me and reminded me that I had worked so hard for my baby and that I would get to hold her soon. I'll always remember the sound of her voice in that moment.”

“In one session with Katy I went from feeling like a cow being milked and always attached to a pump, to a mom feeding her newborn baby. She gave me hope, guidance and encouragement to make it through the hard times and into a beautiful and successful nursing relationship.”

“Katy is a highly qualified doula, of course, but she’s also a baby whisperer, caring and patient human, and a cheerleader for new moms and dads.”

“Katy brought calm and confidence to our first few weeks as parents.”

“What a moment of joy! What a sweet, vulnerable, euphoric moment my redemptive VBAC was! I couldn’t have done it without Katy.”

“Katy has a calm sweet spirit that is balanced out by a professional and protective nature when needed for advocating.”

"Katy truly introduced me to motherhood as my postpartum doula. I don’t know how I would have survived those first few weeks without her guidance, support, and skill set. Katy has a remarkable gift and I will forever be grateful to her."

“Katy’s encouraging, professional and friendly demeanor coupled with extensive knowledge makes her an easy choice for anyone seeking a doula or lactation specialist.”

“We will never be able to fully express or capture how much Katy means to our family!”

“Katy has confidence in mothers and inspires us to have confidence in ourselves and our bodies—I owe my passion for birth directly to her!”

“Katy has been a reliable resource and a loving friend through so many challenges, from breastfeeding and sleep, to postpartum emotions and struggles.”

“I remember thinking during each wave that she knew exactly what to do, and it was amazing to experience and feel. Every mama who has Katy beside her is blessed.”

“Katy has played an integral role along my motherhood journey, and I can not adequately express my gratitude.”

“When I experienced postpartum depression, our walks and stroller talks were medicine for my soul.”

“When new moms are clueless and it’s all new territory, Katy is there to offer support, encouragement, and rest. And then she does it all over again!”

“I would have been lost without Katy those first few months. She walked me through pumping and nursing during and after a NICU stay. I’m not sure if she even realizes how important she was to us. Her help and information was life changing to us.”

“We’ve been blessed to have Katy by our side for several births. Her guidance, support, and knowledge were the key to me being capable of pulling off 3 natural births after a rather rough first birth – and feeling so proud of myself, like never before.”

“Katy’s support during my births was vital and such an immense part of what I feel were the times in my life I’ve been the strongest. We love Katy VERY much and the beautiful work that she does!”

“Through every phase, every contraction, she was blessing us with encouragement, advice, and sometimes simply silent support.”

“Katy fights for mamas in a way that most people can’t. She is right there with us in those vulnerable moments, and it’s vulnerable for her too. She is there for our most painful, hardest moments, and for the sweetest most joyous moments as well.”

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