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Rhythm Not Rigid

Rhythm Not Rigid is my philosophy for caring for babies, especially newborns. Newborn babies have so much going on as they adjust to “life on the outside”. They are getting used to lights and louder noises, their nervous systems are still maturing, they are developing their own circadian rhythms, strengthening their pushing muscles (learning how to poop!), and have so many other developmental milestones happening. You cannot be rigid with newborns, but you can develop gentle rhythms. And that is something I am so passionate about, because I have seen it help so many babies and families thrive, rather than just survive.

I have developed simple tips over the years to help babies gently learn day and night, wake cues and sleep cues, get full feeds, help with digestion, prioritize maintaining a healthy supply if breastfeeding, avoid overtiredness and overstimulation and the extra fussiness that can come with that, develop simple bedtime routines, start to identify when a baby’s “core” sleep is, and gradually make progress with sleep. 

Rhythm Not Rigid is NOT sleep training a newborn. Rhythm Not Rigid is NOT neglecting to respond to your newborn’s cries. Rhythm Not Rigid is NOT making a hungry baby wait until a set time to eat. It does NOT take away skin-to-skin or contact naps (In fact, both are encouraged!). Rhythm not Rigid will help you formulate balance and to feel confident in understanding what your baby needs. 

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