A Natural Nurturer from a young age...

Becoming a postpartum doula really felt like a natural progression from my many years as a young mom to my amazing son, Kyle (now 28), and from the 9½ years I spent as a nanny.  I have always loved babies and children and feel like I was a “natural nurturer” from a young age.  I was blessed to be born into a family full of babies! My mother is one of 13 children, I am one of 4 sisters, and between us there are now 13 grandchildren.  The support that my mom, sisters, and I have given to each other with each new birth in our family has been both indescribable and priceless.  I hope to pass on that support to each and every family I work with.

As a doula I have had years of experience with singletons, multiples, medically-fragile children, and families of different backgrounds and sizes.  I have built lasting friendships with so many of my clients. I love the updates I receive throughout the years from families I have worked with. 

I primarily work as Postpartum Night Doula, but I am open to occasional dayshifts as well. Because I also do births and consults, I try to mostly take on part-time postpartum contracts, or I will job share with another doula if full-time is preferred. My specialty as a postpartum doula is helping my clients to create rhythms that are not rigid, helping babies gently learn day and night, wake cues and sleep cues, get full feeds, maintain a healthy supply (if nursing), and make gradual progress with sleep, avoiding overtiredness and overstimulation and the extra fussiness that can come with that. That being said, I will never insist on any type of parenting style and will gladly come alongside families in whatever parenting approach they choose. 

Part of working in people’s homes involves being privy to private and personal parts of their lives. My clients’ privacy is of utmost importance to me, no matter who I am working with. I will never share any information about a client or family unless they have given me permission to do so. I am also happy to sign NDAs when requested.

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As Your Postpartum Doula I Will:

Provide Physical Comfort & Nurturing to the New Mother 

  • help mother with physical postpartum adjustment and healing remedies 
  • support with breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding 
  • allow mother to rest, shower, and nurture herself 
  • help mother to eat properly and drink plenty of fluids 

Emotional Support for the New Family

  • demonstrate infant care techniques such as diapering, bathing, & swaddling 
  • breastfeeding (further trained as a CLC) or bottle-feeding support 
  • educate parents in infant soothing & coping techniques 
  • help parents to develop their own styles of nurturing and bonding with baby 
  • provide infant care so parents can get some rest

Household Assistance

  • prepare light snacks for mother, or meals during daytime hours
  • help to organize nursery, changing, and feeding stations 
  • do light household duties relating to baby (freeze milk, empty diaper pail, wash bottles and pump parts, baby laundry)

As Your Postpartum Doula I Will Not:

  • evaluate mother’s or baby’s medical conditions 
  • insist new parents care for their baby in a particular style 
  • do regular household housekeeping

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