Finding what works for you.

Very quickly into my doula journey, I too became very interested in infant and toddler sleep. There is so much information out there on different approaches to improve sleep and the science of sleep. And I can assure you, I have read everything I could get my hands on about this topic! There are different philosophies and science you can find that supports all different approaches, and people from all sides who will say you are doing it all wrong. My approach is to ask families: What is working for you? What is working for your baby? Trust what you feel in your gut and find what works for your family.

I do Sleep Consulting for Infants 4 months and older. Before this age, I do consults as well, but it looks a little different.

(See Rhythm Not Rigid

My Virtual Sleep Consult fee includes:

An Intake Call

During this conversation I will gather information about your baby or toddler, their sleep habits, sleep environment, sleep associations, etc. We will also go over any concerns or questions you may have.

An In-depth Write-up Specific to your Baby or Toddler

This write-up will contain a detailed plan and specific guidelines.

A Follow-up Phone Call

During this call we will go over any questions you may have after reading over your write-up, before putting the plan into action.

2-Weeks Follow-up Text Support

A written Sleep Consult fee includes 2-weeks of follow-up Text Support. Texting Hours are Monday - Saturday, 9am - 9pm. (If I am with a client, I will return your text by the end of day.)

To inquire about my current Virtual Sleep Consult Rate & Availability, click here

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